June 21, 2024
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On 4th February 2019 Ekta Pariwar a Kolkata based NGO organised an free education supplies event in a school located at Bihar to distribute free books, copies and other education supplies to the students of the village who were not financially strong enough to carry on their education.

The event was organised by Anup Singh the founding member of the Ekta Pariwar with the co operation of the school and the teachers. There was quiz and drawing competition to see the children talents the students who showed interest at drawing were given painting equipment’s while others were provided with general knowledge books.

The NGO also promised to provide the monthly education expense of 25 students for 1 years. It has also setup an small coaching center where the students can begin there elementary education.

To Know more about Ekta Pariwar Visit: ektapariwar.in

Also if you like to can make a donation in favor of the NGO.

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