April 19, 2024
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Google said in an announcement today starting from 9th July it will start rolling it’s Chrome in-built ad blocker. Last year Google launched Chrome’s built-in ad blocker in the United States, Canada, and Europe and now the company is expanding it to every country.

Now Google started blocking ads last year based on guidelines developed by the Coalition For Better Ads, a trade group the company helped launch. The guidelines prohibit websites from using obtrusive advertising strategies, like employing pop-ups or videos with auto-playing sound.

Google said that it warns websites that are out of compliance before taking action, and as of the beginning of 2019, two-thirds of previously non compliant publishers are in good standing, while only 1 percent of reviewed sites have had their ads filtered.

In its announcement today, Google said its ultimate goal is not to filter ads, but to build a better web for everyone, everywhere.

Now this decision of Google has been cheered by some people while some has also opposed it saying that it’s not right. What will the impact of it will be clearly known once it will start rolling so till then just wait and see.

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