June 21, 2024
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On Monday China accused the US administration of abusing national power by trying to ban TikTok, as a federal court gave the video app’s US operations a stay of execution.

A US government order had sought to ban new downloads of the Chinese-owned app from midnight (0400 GMT Monday) but allow use of TikTok until November 12, when all use would be blocked.

President Donald Trump claims the popular app poses a national security threat and harvests data for Beijing via its Chinese parent company ByteDance allegations the firm vehemently denies.

Describing the order as bullying behaviour, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said it was evidence of abusing national power to unreasonably suppress other countries enterprises.

Wang said: “Instead, the US should provide a fair, just, open, and non-discriminatory business environment for companies around the world investing and operating in the country.”

China says Trump is strong-arming the company into giving up full ownership of a lucrative app with 100 million US subscribers to an American rival.

US tech giants have also raised concerns over the precedent a ban could set for a free internet and the prospect of reprisals against American firms operating in China’s vast market.

On Sunday TikTok said: “it would maintain our ongoing dialogue with the government on the plan, which has received preliminary approval from Trump.”

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