March 1, 2024
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On Thursday a Brazilian judge has finally accepted a request from prosecutors to close the investigation of Football player Neymar on a rape allegation on the grounds of lack of evidence against him.

Sao Paulo state prosecutors Flavia Merlini and Estefania Paulin announced during the day that they agreed with a July 30 decision by police not to bring charges in the case. Judge Ana Paula Vieira de Moraes issued an order closing the case on Thursday night.

Brazilian model Najila Trindade went to Sao Paulo police to accuse Neymar of raping her at a Paris hotel in May. While Neymar denied the accusation and said their relations were consensual.

In a news conference state prosecutor Flavia Merlini said: “We decided in favor of the closing of the case because there is no sufficient evidence.”

Prosecutor Estefania Paulin said: “that the model did not produce any of the evidence she claimed she had, including a video that allegedly proved the player attacked her.”

“The police investigator asked her to plug her phone to a computer so she could see the video, but she (Trindade) didn’t want to do that. She also refused to hand over her phone, and later she said it had been stolen,” Paulin said.

The prosecutor said Trindade’s only injury was to a finger.

The medical report of a private doctor introduced by the victim did not show an injury that proved she was raped. The slaps and the redness (on Trindade’s skin) happened for the satisfaction of both parties.” Paulin added.

Sao Paulo police are still investigating whether Trindade falsely reported a rape.

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