July 15, 2024
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On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order implementing new policies to improve national cybersecurity.

The executive order outlines a number of initiatives, including reducing barriers to information sharing between the government and the private sector, mandating the deployment of multi-factor authentication in the federal government, establishing a Cybersecurity Safety Review Board modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board, and creating a standardized playbook for responding to cyber incidents.

To know more about all the initiatives in the White House’s fact sheet here.

The executive order comes after a number of recent cyber attacks. Last week the Colonial Pipeline was shut because of a ransomware attack, the Microsoft Exchange server vulnerabilities that may have affected north of 60,000 organizations, and the SolarWinds hack that compromised nine federal agencies late last year — each of which were specifically specified by the White House in a fact sheet accompanying the order.

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