June 20, 2024
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AT&T and T-Mobile have reportedly started testing its call authentication technology on calls placed between the two networks.

Now if a phone call is made from one network to the other using a compatible device, then the recipient will see a Caller Verified message, and they will know for certain that the call isn’t from a spoofed robocall or spammer.

AT&T also says it’s testing integrating the data used by this system its Call Protect service, which it started offering for free to its customers last month.

T-Mobile and AT&T’s call authentication partnership is based on the SHAKEN/STIR standard, which can verify whether a caller ID is accurate.

T-Mobile was first to implement the standard back in January for calls made within its network, and in March, AT&T and Comcast announced that they were partnering to authenticate calls between their two networks.

The SHAKEN/STIR standard has its limitations e.g it can only tell when a call is definitely legitimate, rather than knowing when it’s definitely spam but as more devices and network providers implement the standard, the ratio of authenticated to unauthenticated calls will increase and unauthenticated call could easily be ignored.

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