June 9, 2023
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Apple has recently acquired the San Francisco based artificial intelligence startup PullString. According to the reports the company is said to be worth under $100 million, but well over the $44 million in venture capital funding PullString has amassed thus far. PullString specializes in helping companies to build conversational voice apps, according to a report from Axios.

Pullstring was founded back in 2011 by former Pixar employees its CEO, Oren Jacob, is Pixar’s former chief technology officer. Up until now, PullString was most well known within the tech industry as the software backbone behind voice systems for popular toys, like Mattell’s talking Hello Barbie doll.

At the moment it is not clear what Apple is planning to do with the comapny. PullString has also worked on the enterprise end to help companies build skills and apps for Amazon’s Alexa platform and Google Assistant.

Now, Apple could use PullString to help accelerate the growth of Siri powered apps and features and make it more better. But who knows what plans does Apple has for it.

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