July 4, 2022
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Amazon is expanding its Go cashier-less supermarkets, and recently it has announced that the company is about to open a second store to Seattle this fall, via a report from GeekWire.

This new location will continue the gradual roll out of Amazon’s experimental new retail stores, the company already has its stores in Chicago and San Francisco although there’s no date yet on when those stores will be opening. But this new Seattle store is said to be almost twice as large as the current stores, measuring around about 3,000 square feet, compared to the existing store with 1,800 square feet location.

The first Amazon Go location opened earlier this year, and has it customers scan their phones when entering the store. Then, through the use of sensors and cameras, Amazon is able to automatically track what customers are purchasing and charge them accordingly, without ever needing to check out.

The First Amazon Go store has got a huge positive response and support from it’s users and with it’s huge success now the company is planning to expand it store although there has not been any official confirmation i am sure that the company has a lot of location in their list where they will be opening their stores in the coming time.

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