June 21, 2024
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Alexa voice assistant is now available for Windows 10 users on laptop and PCs across the world. This announcement was made by Microsoft and Amazon at the Build 2019 developer conference on Monday.

The news of Alexa support on Windows 10 was first announced at last year’s Build conference, and it has taken both the companies one year to reach the end consumer with the support.

Microsoft has claimed it has over 800 million devices running on Windows 10 as of now.

Amazon or Microsoft haven’t clarified what they will do with the voice data recorded, but it is likely that the data is being sent back to Amazon’s server in order to get the appropriate response.

Now we don’t know how PCs would benefit from using it, and why Microsoft would want a competing voice assistant on its platform, when it already has Cortana. But nevertheless this is an amazing partnership and we hope to see more coming from both.

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