April 16, 2024
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Airtel has reportedly decided to shut down its 3G services in the Haryana. The company took the decision to re-farm the network, and strengthen its 4G network in the state, allowing them to offer better services.

Now, Haryana is the second telecom circle after Kolkata where the company has stopped its 3G services. According to the reports there will be more cities that will be added in the list by the end of this year.

In a company statement Airtel, mentioned that all customers on its 3G network were duly notified and requested to upgrade their handsets/SIMs to make use of its 4G services.

Having said that, Airtel is making sure that its existing base of 2G users continue to be served, as the market for feature phones in India is unlikely to cease anytime soon.

According to Airtel, the re-farming of 3G spectrum to 4G, will boost its network capacity and widen the availability of its services, most likely enhancing data speeds for mobile users.

According to the reports over 400 million users in the country are still using 2G-enabled devices, which emphasises the need for Airtel to give up on 3G, so that it can invest and keep its 2G and 4G networks proper.

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