April 19, 2024
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Today Adblock announced it will join the fight against social media tracking and will allow people to block the media tracking on almost every Website.

Basically, the tracking which Adblock Plus aims to stop is the ones which originates from social media buttons. Users might recognize them they are used by most of the websites out there. Using these buttons, the sites can track and build a so called shadow profiles on the users even if you don’t click or logged into any of the sites.

This tracking is an essential and sticking point for sites like Facebook and others. Among the many other questions that were posed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at his Congressional interrogation some were about these shadow profiles of non users the existence of which might violate a 2011 consent decree handed down to the company by the FTC.

To use this feature, Adblock Plus users need  subscribe to a button blocking list available either in Chrome or Firefox. The company is also considering a white list options for certain social sites. Now this is an effective way to stop websites from tracking users but we don’t know how effective is the app itself.

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