Serena Williams Fined $17,000 for Violations of Code

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Serena Williams has been fined a total of $17,000 for three code violations during her 2-6, 4-6 loss to Japan’s Naomi Osaka in the US Open final.

In the course of the match, the 36-year-old tennis star had been cited by chair umpire Carlos Ramos for: getting coaching signals breaking her racket, which cost her a point; and calling the chair umpire a thief , which cost her a game.

A day after the match, the tournament referee’s office docked Williams $10,000 for verbal abuse of chair umpire Carlos Ramos, $4,000 for being warned for coaching, and $3,000 for breaking her racket.

The money comes out of her prize money of $1.85 million as the runner-up to Osaka, whose victory on Saturday, 8 September, made her the first tennis player from Japan to win a Grand Slam singles title.


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