Samsung could reveals foldable Galaxy X at CES in January

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Recently its been in news about a foldable Samsung phone for a while now, with rumors pointing to a 2019 announcement. But that reveal may come a bit sooner than expected: the Galaxy X could be shown off as soon as CES 2019 in January.

Now Samsung usually reveals its Galaxy S phones during Mobile Word Congress in the spring. It made sense to assume that’s when Samsung would show off the Galaxy X as well. But leaker Ice universe, who has a solid track record for such things, believes the phone will be revealed as early as CES

While Mobile World Congress tends to focus on the mainstream phone industry, CES has often been the venue to show off emerging technologies, including flexible screens.

Considering that new Galaxy X is could be priced nearly $2000, the average buyers will likely opt for the S10 or the Note 9 instead. Still, it’s an exciting time in phone design – now that the battle over bezels is nearly over, the industry has to find new ways to evolve.

Now January is a long time away and anything can change between this time now and then, but it looks like it’s only a matter of time until foldable phones are no longer the subject of science fiction.

There is no official confirmation from Samsung about it and there is not information available.

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