Now Your Whatsapp Friend can spy on you

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The people who use Whatsapp to message other knows that the Whatsapp let users contact to know that when you came online to chat, or their message is delivered and when u read them or not.

But that’s not it recently a new iOS app called chatwatch has been spotted this app uses Whatsapp public online and offline status feature to tell users that how often their friends have check the app it also estimate when they go to bed each day tracking their time.

The company says there’s not a whole lot you can do about it even if a user have disabled their ‘Last Seen’ feature, it will still be able to figure out their WhatsApp activity. The app generally requires 24 hours to it generate certain information.

Now this new feature could be good but it invade some privacy of the users which they want to keep. In the mean time we need to wait and see hoe users will react to this new app.

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