Nitin Gadkari said he will not allow driverless cars in India

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Union minister for Road Transport and Highways and MSME Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said he will not allow driverless cars in India as these could take away jobs of several lakh people in the country.

“Several big personalities from the country met me and said they want to bring driverless vehicles to India. I clearly told them that until I am there, I shall not allow driverless cars in India. I was asked whether I oppose new technology. I said not at all.”

Gadkari said: “There are 40 lakh drivers in the country and a shortage of 25 lakh drivers. I will not let the jobs of 1 crore people be snatched away.”

The Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways and MSME said this while addressing an event to distribute leather tool kits at a function organised by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC).

He belief is that bringing such technology could directly impact the job prospects of drivers with companies like Ola, Uber and more.

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