Microsoft is launching a New Windows Collaboration Display For Office Meetings

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Microsoft is about to launch a new type of conference room display at Computex this week. This time it is partnering with other display makers to create a new Windows Collaboration Display.This new display simply connects to existing Windows 10 PCs, it include built-in sensors that connect to Microsoft’s new Azure IoT spatial intelligence features also.This sensors will detect the presence in a room, so they could improve how a room is heated or cooled, and to more efficiently manage room systems.

The displays is high resolution, multi-touch, and support stylus input same as you will find on a Surface Hub. Microsoft is even said that the displays have far field microphones for features like Cortana, and a camera is attached for video conferencing through Microsoft Teams and other softwares.


This new displays is designed to improve conference meeting rooms. Basically for businesses or either use regular as a TVs or projectors, these displays are smarter with stylus input, multi-touch, intelligent sensors and many other features . This time Microsoft is not manufacturing the displays itself but has partnered with other company to make displays, the new displays will be available from partners like Sharp and Avocor later by this year.

Once it will be available then only we can get to see what more is added to this new display before that we need to just wait and see.

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