Manchester city owners planning to buy a club in India


Manchester City chief executive Ferran Soriano said on Tuesday that the owners of the English Premier League (IPL) outfit are thinking of buying a club in India.

“We have some interest in some markets and countries where there is a genuine football passion and opportunities, like China, but also India. So there might be other opportunities in Asia,” Soriano was quoted as saying by the BBC.

City Football Group recently bought stakes in Chinese third-tier side Sichuan Jiuniu FC in February to increase its portfolio to seven clubs.

Besides Manchester City, the group also owns or has shares in New York City, Melbourne City, Yokohama F Marinos, Atletico Torque and Girona.

“With all these developments we have to be patient,” said Soriano.

“We’ve been looking at India for nearly two years now. I’d say this year we’ll end up doing an investment in India.”

City Football Group increased its portfolio to seven clubs after buying stakes in Chinese third-tier side Sichuan Jiuniu FC in February.

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