Instagram might soon allow users to post videos up to an hour long

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Instagram is planning to provide users the feature to upload longer videos. According to The Wall Street Journal Instagram is about add a new feature that will allow users to post longer clips of up to an hour. Which will make it more creative for users bringing it closer to YouTube and Facebook. The plan is described as tentative, so Instagram will ultimately decide about extending the maximum running time of videos on its platform.

This new feature will also focus on vertical video as stated in the Journal. Instagram Stories is already designed around for vertical video format but the report doesn’t clarify whether longer videos would be allowed only for that section or it will also be allowed in the main feed. For now Instagram Stories are limited to a length of 15 seconds and videos in the main feed to 60 seconds long.


The Instagram Stories feature had over 300 millions of daily active users as till last November. Instagram has over 800 million of users. Being one of the largest social media app. Instagram held a discussion last week about adding the feature to provide longer videos.

For Now there has not been any official confirmation from Instagram about this new feature .

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