Instagram is testing Geo restriction feature for stories and posts

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Instagram is recently started testing a geofencing feature for stories and posts. This will allow the creators to post their content to selected countries, instead of being universally available.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong pointed out on Twitter that while creating posts, users will be able to choose specific countries where they want to show their content. It seems that this feature will also be available for stories.

However, the biggest change will probably be for change for brands as they will be able to limit some of the content with restricted rights in certain countries. It also gives a chance for creators to make location specific content.

Plenty of social networks like Twitter and Facebook offer restriction controls for content on a country by country basis.

The new Instagram features haven’t been rolled out to the users or officially announced yet — so it’s still unclear when you’ll be able to make use of them. We have reached out to Instagram for a comment and will update this story accordingly.

Now there’s still no official launch date for this new features but it’s clear that Instagram is keen on exploring how to utilize users’ location better. The latest official update from Instagram promotes voting and registration for the US mid-term elections through stickers and ads.

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