IAF Sukhoi-30 shoots down Pakistani drone in Rajasthan


Indian Air Force Sukhoi-30 fighter jet shot down a Pakistani military drone in Bikaner sector of the Indo-Pak border on Monday using an air-to-air missile, government sources said.

The Pakistani drone was shot down at around 11:30 AM, after a ground-based radar station detected the flying machine, said sources.

It was the second unsuccessful attempt by Pakistan to send a spy drone inside India in the last six days.

A Pakistani drone was shot down by India on February 27 along the Indo-Pak border in Kutch in Gujarat. 

The radar station in the area detected the enemy drone following which one of the fighter jets deployed in the area shot it down, said sources.

The Indian Air Force has kept all its bases in Western sector on alert after India carried out a strike on one of the biggest terrorist training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pakistan’s Balakot on February 26. 

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