Google Search New Features Makes It More Easier To Plan a Movie

LifeStyle Technology

Google keep on introducing some good a features to make it apps more reliable and easier for the users. Recently it has updated its mobile search app which make it more easier for a user to plan a movie.

The new feature let users to see comparison between different movie rating website e.g IMDB, Rotten Tomato and others scores and also a description along with the show times. So that a users can quickly explore and plan their movie accordingly.

Also you can view what is playingby the location on the map and can also narrow you search based on the genre,
reviews, and even the type of screen the film is being playing on.

Now this new feature definitely make is easier and less complicated to find information about a movie and it also saves a lot of times providing all information at one place so now we don’t need to visit different websites to know the review or the showtime of a movie.

This new feature is available all over on Google apps on Android and will soon be available on iOS.

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