Google Releases Android P Beta 2 With New Emojis

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Google released Android P Beta during its I/O conference in May , and now it has released the Beta 2 versions. The new version includes new updates some new emojis.

Google said that it has 157 new emojis. The new emojis include red hair so gingers don’t feel left out, a hero emoji that looks a lot like Superman, and a bagel with cream cheese and many more.

Google has also include two new gender neutral emojis ‘Family’ and ‘Couple with Heart.’ This builds on the first gender neutral emoji introduced last year, also Google says that there are more gender neutral emoji are on the way.

Google has also made few changes on the existing emojis e.g the bacon now looks like a cookie, the tortoise looks more happy any many others. Google also said that Beta 2 introduces final Android P APIs. Now there is now any huge update as far we know but we are sure with final version there would be some new updates.

The Android P Beta 2 is now available for all the pixel devices as an new update. For non pixel users the update will soon arrive within a few weeks.

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