Gmail Android app now lets users to customize their swipe actions

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Google has recently update Gmail and with this new update it provides the ability to customize swipe actions in the Gmail android app. which means that now users can set what will happen when they will swipe an email to left or right.

Previously, when a user swipe an email in their inbox it would archive it, no matter what. That was useful, but not as useful as it could be, as their was no option change that which is now available with the latest Gmail. Google has recently updated all it Android apps making them more easy and user friendly and this new update for Gmail is just another step to make it more effective.

Now Gmail’s swipe gestures is not the most best customize option in the world, but you get all the most effective option here to make it useful and effective. To customize your swipe go to Gmail app in settings, you will find the option to assign the left and right swipe to either archive, delete, mark as read or unread, move etc an email. You can change your gestures by going into settings, then general settings, and then choosing Swipe actions.

Gmail Update  is now available for all the Android users but unfortunately it hasn’t been arrive in iOS now but we hope that it will start rolling for iOS in within a few weeks.

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