Facebook is recently testing a keyword snooze button

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Today Facebook introduced a new feature that allows users to snooze certain keywords. When user’s don’t want to see a posts about a current event, or a show, or even just something you don’t want to look at for a while, you can simply snooze posts which contain words related to that topic.

The option is fairly simple to use: if you see a post with the offending keyword you can select the option to snooze keywords from the post in the drop-down menu on the top right. When you select the option, you’re given a list of keywords pulled from the text of the post, and can select which ones you want to snooze.

But there is one downside is that you currently can’t un-snooze a keyword once you’ve snooze it. So if you’re seeing the latest episode of Westworld a few days after it premieres and you’ve decided to hide any posts about it until then, you won’t be able to turn off the snooze option once you’ve done so. You’re just going to have to wait out the 30 days until you can see posts about it again — by which time new ones aren’t likely to be made anyway.

That said, a spokesperson said the company is working on options for different snooze times, as well as an off button.

At the moment, the snooze option is being tested among a small group of users. Facebook hasn’t said when it’ll roll it out to the rest of us, but a spokesperson did say the off button would be hopefully added to the feature within the next few weeks.

For now this new feature is on testing period so we can’t say much about it but there is one thing that is for sure that this new feature is very much likable.

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