Facebook is now shutting down a teen app that it bought eight months ago

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Recently Facebook has announced that it is shutting down Moves, Hello, and tbh, a trio of apps that it launched over the last four years which haven’t developed large audiences. Facebook says it’s shutting down all three due to low usage and that it will delete all of their user data within 90 days.

Moves is a stylish fitness tracking app which was launched in 2013 and bought by Facebook a year later, and Hello, an Android dialer app that merged Facebook details with contact info, the issue with these two wasn’t just a lack of audience but a lack of development. Neither of the two app saw much improvement after launch and neither has been updated in more than a year. Hello only make it four months before being Shut.

But Tbh was an anonymous social media app that allowed high school students to send prewritten compliments to each other. Tbh continued to be updated and even launched a messaging feature recently. But that wasn’t just enough. In all the three apps, Tbh one seems to be the biggest failure. Facebook only bought the app in October, and it launched just 11 months ago.

With Instagram Stories continuing to grow rapidly, now Facebook may not be feeling insecure about their teen friendly apps which has been unsuccessful. But the failure of Tbh is still a clear reminder of how hard of a market that is to crack these days.

Facebook says shutting down these apps will allow it to better prioritize its resources. “It’s only by trial and error that we’ll create great social experiences for people,” the company wrote in a blog post.


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