Dropbox increases its storage from 1TB to 2TB for Professional users

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Dropbox has just doubled the amount of storage it provides to its customers  from 1TB to 2TB for its Professional users. The company announced this in a blog post that the rise in collaboration around “ultra hi-def” files, like 4K video and interactive presentations, means the general conception of how much cloud storage is acceptable for pro work is changing. So Dropbox is deciding to gift its users a bit extra at no cost. The current Professional plan, which is just a higher version of Dropbox’s standard consumer Plus plan, costs around $200 per year.

If you’re a Dropbox Business user, then now you will also be getting an extra 1TB of storage added to your plan. Only teams who pay for Business Standard, which is $12.50 per user per month for a shared pool of data, are getting the free storage increase from 2TB to 3TB. Dropbox says the storage upgrades are now in effect for new customers who purchase plans starting today, while existing customers will see the increases take effect over the next couple of weeks.

Now this is surely a great thing specially for those who use Dropbox for storing huge files and also for the business professional users.

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