China to ban people with low social credits from few forms of travels


China is about to impose some new rules for its citizens. Starting from May the citizen with low scores on Social Credit will be unable to travels through Planes or Trains up to a year according to the recently released statement of the country’s National Development and Reform Commission.

Using this Social Credit system now the Chinese government will rate people based on things like criminal acts and financial misdeeds and there daily activities. The person will low score will have face penalties and restrictions . The people who will be found  committing  acts like spreading false information, causing problems on public transportation or breaking and public rules like smoking on trains will be banned, according to Reuters.

This new travel restrictions is the latest addition to this growing patchwork of social engineering. Which was implemented last year under which people with massive debts were restricted from few travel form.

The full version of the system will be released on 2020 which will provide real-time updates of citizen to the law enforcement and government officials. But an early version will be implemented this year by May.



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